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Harnessing your Data to

Help you Thrive

Dr. Neal Shonnard discusses the benefit of Aether Healthcare

Healthcare Providers

Aether Healthcare helps providers deliver better healthcare, enhance patient satisfaction, improve outcomes, and reduce costs through proactive, customized and interactive patient engagement tools. 


Understand the patient population in order to proactively manage each episode of care

Centralize an easily accessible healthcare platform that collates patient characteristics, process of care data, and patient reported outcome

Identify drivers of optimal outcomes by applying our unique predictive analytics to your centralized data

Monitor patient adherence to optimal performance pathways via real-time patient feedback loops

Engage patients through education and proactive intervention to reduce adverse events, re-admissions, and facilitate ongoing oversight



Aether Healthcare helps patients stay connected and up-to-date with their healthcare. Through our interactive platform, patients are empowered to engage with their healthcare and network of providers when and how they choose, through the power of mobile technology.  

Reduce time and paperwork in the clinic with time-triggered online forms and reminders sent to the patient when they need them

Appointment reminders with customized instructions based on patient diagnosis and profile

Empower patients with time-triggered educational materials


Reassurance that patient recovery is being tracked


Improved patient satisfaction with proactive patient engagement tools and patient-provider feedback loop 



Aether Healthcare provides invaluable insights through an online platform that collects Thick Data (qualitative and quantitative patient data) enabling us to:

Show trend analyses in episodes of care for patients and detect patients that fall outside of the standard of care


Track performance and outcomes of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers

Identify drivers of optimal outcomes to better understand treatment results

Drive behavior change through our interactive platform that provides data trusted by clinicians


Granular clinical and cost data that can be used to support payor conversations and mandated data submissions

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